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Wool Cloth Braided Rugs

The wool cloth braided rug is the most authentic looking style of braided rug. Made of strips of flat wool cloth, wool cloth braided rugs have the more traditional look of a bye gone era. These are also the most durable braided rug for your heaviest traffic areas. No braided rug could stand up to your busy life better than one braided from durable wool cloth.


Offered in the widest range of colors and materials, our flat braided yarn rugs can fit into your busy life in a variety of ways. Choose the material that's right for you. Water and stain reistant polypropylene braided rugs make a practical choice for under the breakfast table or on the porch. Soft cotton chenille is the coziest choice for a bedroom or nursery. Practical wool blends work well all over the house, in the living room, family room or den.


Tape braided rugs are constructed by first weaving yarn into a flat woven cloth. This woven cloth is then folded and braided into durable wide braided styles. This adds strength to the yarn, making the rug stronger and more durable than a yarn braided rug.

Braided rugs have been warming hearths and homes of Americans for over 200 years. With a little American ingenuity, the Colonists began sewing rags and scraps of wool into long strips. These strips were then hand braided and sewn into durable braided rugs for their simple homes. These colorful braided rugs have stood the test of time and are still an important design element today.

What's the difference between the tubular braided rugs found in department stores and the flat braided rugs that you carry?

A tubular braided rug is made with a felt or synthetic core that is covered with yarn. In most cases these are not actually braided rugs, but simply wound around the core. Flat braided rugs are solid materials braided in the traditional style. This makes for a better looking and longer wearing braid rug.

Huge Inventory

We carry the largest selection of flat braided rugs anywhere. You can find traditional wool cloth braided rugs, along with a wide range of wool blend braided rugs, or cottons and synthetics in our extensive catalog. There are multicolored styles, banded styles, plaids and tweeds. Colors range from darker country colors to pastels to brighter contemporary palettes. We've got just the right braided rug for you!

Many Options To Choose From

Braided rugs are also available in stair treads, runners, rounds, ovals and rectangles. All braided rugs are available in custom sizes and many can be custom colored to match your room!

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